Tattoing Posepack + tattoo gun acc

By Bommie Sims - dezembro 23, 2020


You’ll need:

  • Teleport mod
  • Poseplayer 
  • Tattoo Parlor 
  • The hospital stretcher includes, because the creator deleted the content.
  • In case he comes back, I put the link.
  • Content will be released for free on 13/01
  • Download [x] in my patreon

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5 comentários

  1. I saw this today and it not free yet? is this a mistake

  2. would love if this was publicly released like the post says.

  3. its really not cool that you're blatantly lying about this pose pack being released to the public for free when you have no actual intentions. it's disrespectful to the community as a whole

  4. This still isn't free. Go read the sims TOS